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Wellbeing Services

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy offers personalised diet & lifestyle advice which is tailored to your individual health needs and goals based on a Comprehensive Nutrition and Lifestyle Questionnaire I provide. I will offer Meal Plans/Recipes, Shopping List, individual Supplement and Lifestyle advice. This includes carefully chosen dietary recommendations, as well as tips on how to incorporate the changes into your lifestyle.

Nutritional Therapy is suitable for everyone, young and old, for those who would like to alleviate specific symptoms, as well as those who would just like to improve their overall health and wellbeing. Nutritional Therapy helps you to identify the foods that make you look and feel your best and to find a wellbeing approach that works for you.

Initial Consultation: 1.5 hr – €80

Follow up Consultation: €75

Package options

Digestive Balance

A: Function

1 hr – €75

Identify Digestive function in need of support and provide Supplement and Lifestyle advice accordingly.

B: Food Sensitivities

1 hr – €75

Identify Foods that support Digestion and foods that create digestive imbalance and provide supplement and lifestyle advice accordingly.

C: Structure/ Physical/ Emotional Stress Balance

1 hr – €75

Address Structural Imbalances and stressors on the function of the body to aid overall wellness and help improve Digestion, Immunity and Physical imbalance.

Allergies/ Intolerance/ Sensitivities

1 hr – €75

Identify imbalance in need of support and provide Supplement and Lifestyle support (may require further sessions due to Digestive/Structural balances required).. €80

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Systematic Kinesiology uses Muscle challenges to Identify areas in the body that may be the root cause of symptoms felt due to imbalances present. These symptoms include Digestive such as food intolerances and Irritable bowel, Chronic Pain like back and neck pain and fibromyalgia, Energy, Stress or other issues that may be contributing to feeling unwell. Kinesiology can help restore the body to optimal functioning. This is a great place to start for a personalized plan to kickstart a Healthy you.

Single session: €75

Package options

Massage – Cupping, Hot stone and Aromatherapy

The choice of Cupping, Hot stone, Aromatherapy massage or a combination of two can be for injury/pain or if you’re in need of calm & relaxation. This therapy can be tailored to include Indian head Massage or foot massage.

Single session: €70

Package options

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